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Well it was a bit of a damp dawn chorus walk this morning as part of the Bristol BioBlitz at Kings Weston Estate.

We started out at 6am and took a short stroll into the woods to place ourselves under a tree and pricked up our ears for the first set of bird calls.

Dawn chorus Bristol BioBlitz 2013

Led by naturalist Trudi Clarke we heard over twenty song & contact calls (the difference between the song & contact call are surprisingly different). The usual suspects were around, robins, blackbirds, blue tits & great tits but we also heard a green woodpecker, a great spotted woodpecker, a nuthatch, a white throat & a black cap.

We continued our walk through the rain and came to a clearing which not only provided us with a host of other bird calls but some spotting took place as well. We were fortunate to see a goldcrest, a chiff chaff & a tree creeper & to announce summer is here, a swallow! We also heard a long tailed tit, a jackdaw, a jay & a wood pigeon.

After two hours it was back to the house for some well earned bacon sandwiches before the rest of the activities started at 10am.

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Dawn chorus

While I was snoozing happily in my bed, some of the more hardcore members of the media team were up (quite literally) at the crack of dawn, which in these parts is around 4.30am, to bring you the delight of the dawn chorus. They’re editing the footage at the moment, so watch this space for the video in a few minutes. Apparently, the visuals are nothing to write home about (it was dark), but the sound of all the birds tweeting their little hearts out is spectacular…

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