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Yes, that’s right! By the end of this year’s epic 30 hour BioBlitz at Kings Weston House we had identified and recorded a huge 463 species, beating our target of 454. That number is due to rise in the coming days as the more obscure species that the team recorded are correctly identified. A massive thanks goes to everyone who took part in the count and participated in the learning activities. We hope to see you at next year’s event!

But our work doesn’t stop here. The Bristol BioBlitz is just the first event of Bristol99 – our exciting new project to reconnect people with the nature of their doorstep. You can look forward to 6 weeks of fun events, from mini-BioBlitzs to bughunting, wildlife walks to fossil-finding, all culminating in the 10th Festival of Nature on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June in Bristol’s Harbourside. See you there!

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Here is a (very) quick edit of the big reveal!

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…and the grand tally for the weekend is (drumroll please!)….

Revealing the final species count!

Revealing the final species count!

…454! What an amazing finale to a fantastic 30 hours of species hunting in Arnos Vale Cemetery. This year’s total species count may not be as high as last year’s, but don’t forget that we’re not in the countryside this time!

Amazingly, 8 species never before recorded in Bristol were found over the course of BioBlitz 2012, and 1 species was even a new record for Avon. And don’t forget, 454 species is just the total so far, with that number set to rise as unidentified records are confirmed by our team of experts. Great work!

The crowds gather for the final species count result

The crowds gather for the final species count result

From cuckoos to cardinal beetles, the diversity of species we’ve witnessed here at Arnos Vale has been staggering, and we’re proud that such a wealth of nature is flourishing at the heart of Bristol.

We think that all of the hundreds of dedicated naturalists, guides, school groups, members of the public, and anybody else who has been at all involved over the last few days have done a hugely impressive job.  We hope you agree!

Cardinal beetle

Cardinal beetle

We hope you had lots of fun discovering new species and places during this year’s BioBlitz. Our thanks to everyone at Arnos Vale for hosting us,  and and to everyone else who joined in.

A toast to all who helped make BioBlitz a great event

Let us know what you enjoyed most, and we hope to see you again next year!

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After a late night and a very early morning for the Bioblitz team the tally has shot up to an impressive 352. However there is still time left and with the help of the public will we be able to up it further?

Tally Sat 13:30

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As preparations get underway for the night’s activities (mainly involving fuelling ourselves with delicious food!) we thought we’d update you with our latest count…

244 species so far! We expect this to go up significantly tonight when we listen out for different species of bats and catch many, many moths. Don’t worry though, we release them all unharmed.

The Two Matts

So far so good!

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Another update for the tally. Experts have been busy in the bushes and we’re covering some solid ground with our latest species count. Can we beat last year’s record-breaking 779?

BioBlitz Tally 16:20 - Saturday

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Species count update!

After all of the hard work this morning we have managed to find a super 71 species! What will the rest of the afternoon have in store for us?

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The grand total is in…

…and it’s a stonker. The boffins at the Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre have just revealed that in the last 30 hours we’ve identified a massive 779 individual species.

Of these:

  • 121 are notable, meaning that they have particular ecological significance;
  • 25 have never been recorded in North Somerset; and
  • 15 have not been seen before in the whole of Avon.

And on top of that, it’s the highest ever BioBlitz tally. An outstanding conclusion to a fantastic, yet exhausting, biodiversity marathon. Hurray!

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It’s all go here at the Bristol BioBlitz as we enter the last few minutes of this marathon biodiversity survey. And the question on everyone’s lips is ‘how many species have we identified?’ The scoreboard still says 448, but it’s been like that since midday and we’ve had results streaming all afternoon.

Will we beat last year’s record of 536? Will we top Helen and Jolanta’s guess of 559 species? And will we come anywhere close to big cheese Savita’s promise of a thousand different types of mammals, plants and creepy crawlies?

The boffins from the BRERC are racing around with clipboards and someone has just stolen my table to set up a champagne reception. Should we read anything into this? Do they know something we don’t? We can’t take the tension much longer, but luckily the end is in sight. Stay glued to your screens. We know we will.

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Matt from UWE on the microscopes

Matt showing one of our younger visitors the ins and outs of lichen

When our experts find something in the field which they can’t identify, they take it back to BioBlitz HQ. Here, a hardy team of more experts await to help figure out what these mystery species are.

With the last hour of the 2011 Bristol BioBlitz well underway, and our most recent tally reported to be 448, the people manning these stations will be vital if we are to beat our previous score!

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