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Well we got back into the office and counted up the paperwork and it’s now official!  The total species count that we found at Brandon Hill was 272!  An amazing result for three hours work.  A big thank you to all the volunteers and everyone who took part, we couldn’t have done it without you.  Check out these amazing photos of the event from our professional photographer, Rob Cousins.

On the hunt for bugs © Rob Cousins

©Rob Cousins

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“The Pointed Lattice-Moss (Dialytrichia mucronata) usually grows in the flood zones of rivers and streams but at Brandon Hill it is found on the face of stone steps leading down from Cabot Tower – a habitat it is increasingly found in, imitating intermittent water flow.

The photograph shows a leaf from the plant which is 2mm long and showing the thickened leaf margins typical of this species. This leaf margin gives the otherwise 1 cell thick leaves some protection from the wear and tear it would suffer in its normal habitat on rocks by rivers.”

Peter Martin, 24 July 2010

Pointed Moss

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Our latest tally is 120 species! Among them we’ve seen grasshoppers, bees, ants, crab spiders, hoverflies and have recorded traces of fox poo. See some of our experts and volunteers below, examining the latest finds. Final tally to come in an hour!

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Its been a busy day so far with groups of naturalists and volunteers scouring the landscape in search of illusive species. A constant flow of records has been passing through our base camp and our media team has been keeping track of species tallies. Take a look at these pics below!

Base camp on Brandon Hill moments ago

The 2010 Olympic Mascot has also been on site!

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We’re having a great time on Brandon Hill at the Mini-BioBlitz.  The event was officially opened by the Olympic mascot, Wenlock, who has now been noted down as a new species. Our current tally after an hour was 40 species and more are coming in all the time! Come and see what the fuss is about now!

© Rob Cousins

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You can tell how clean the water in rivers or brooks  are by the diverse lifeforms found in them.  One of the naturalists explains what would be expected in the brook depending on how clean the water is.  Check out the video to find out more!

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One of our brave volunteers picked up a very acrobatic leech, during the Blaise Castle BioBlitz.  Leeches are an indication of mediocre water quality, but not terrible water quality.  At this point, three different species of leech had been found. Watch the video below for more information.

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Whilst shaking the trees and looking for ladybirds, a Weevil fell into the net! Cleverly disguised as a bird dropping, the Weevil is a beetle that is usually hard to find.  Check out the video below to find out more.

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Now, we like it when people believe in what we do. Who wouldn’t? It’s only natural. And that is the general theme of the connection we have with the leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus. People may or may not know that air transport produces only 2% of the CO2 in the air and Airbus is fully committed to doing everything possible to reduce this impact.

Airbus is an extremely proud sponsor of BioBlitz as part of its commitment to supporting the people and organisations tackling the causes of the 98% of manmade CO2, such as the 17% created by deforestation, which has a major impact on loss of biodiversity.

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